The Tip The Tank semen catalogue is a service offered by the Charolais Society of Australia to connect vendors and buyers. Breeders accumulate straws in many sires and semen tanks across the country are full of straws. You may have purchased a package of ten but only needed four, you custom collected your own sire and a few more can’t hurt! or your program has moved in a different direction. It could just be someone is looking for that sire in your tank that you have used extensively and no longer require. Hence Tip the Tank. This catalogue provides a listing of sires and the member offering them. In some cases there are several members offering the same sire. The vendor of these lots may not be the recorded owner of the sire, so please use the vendor listed in this catalogue. Their contact details are listed below.

Some lots have a price included and these are all GST inclusive. If the vendor is not GST registered you can discuss with the vendor. All other sires without a price listed please contact the vendor if you are interested in.

The location of where each lot is listed as well as the DNA held on the database. Sires listed with a Blood Case, MIP or SNP are eligible to have progeny registered. There are several bulls that would require a DNA profile established from a straw of semen. That is an easy process.

Sires have been catalogued in two sections, Full French and Purebred and then alphabetically. We have endeavored to find images of as many sires as possible.

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