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Charolais offer substantial advantages to the northern beef industry. Their lighter colouration and pigmentation allow them to cope with extreme heat better than dark hided cattle.



Their improved growth rate and muscle also allow northern producers to wean heavier calves earlier. The ability of a Charolais sire to stamp their progeny assists in visual marketing through sale yards. Once weaned the growth if the Charolais sired calves add value compared to the straight bred Bos Indicus calf.


Across many tropical and sub-tropical environments across the world, the Charolais influenced genetics have proven themselves over and over again. Charolais are the dominant beef breed in Mexico.


The calf produced by Charolais sires from Bos Indicus dams has the adaptability to cope with harsher environments as well as the growth potential and muscle from the European influence. Producers can maintain the level of Bos Indicus required in their female breeding herd and punch in performance in one cross using Charolais sires.

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