A Charolais Silver Calf results from joining a Charolais sire with a British Breed female. These calves benefit from Heterosis and offer profitability in many production systems. These calves inherit the best of both worlds.


The growth and muscle pattern of their Charolais sire. The opportunity to access a strong maternal start to life from their British bred dam as well as easy finishing attributes. Plus the calves gain the free lunch from Heterosis. Research by Grafton DPI indicated progeny of Charolais sire over an Angus dam can weigh up to 50kgs heavier at 27 months than Angus or Hereford sird progeny. The weight advantage was also recorded at 14 months.


Charolais Silver Calves reach target weights earlier than purebred progeny and provide a high yielding carcase. Meat Science research conducted in our BIN Project shows that Charolais cross progeny have the ideal amount of fat to maximize eating quality.


John Dekoyer breeds Charolais Silver Calves at Redlands, Wallabadah NSW. John reported –

“ The feedlot buyers are prepared to pay the same for our heifers as our steers adding value to our drop”.


“Using Charolais bulls has probably bumped our average weight up by 20 kilograms. So essentially, it’s the same cows producing calves that are putting on those extra few kilos in the same conditions. There’s your profit.” – Tim Prosser, Scotts River WA


“I sold the top 82 mixed sex calves of the 2016 drop sold in late November direct for processing with an average dressed weight of 263kg and a return per head of $1,683.  The top three calves made $2,099 per head, indicating the quality and growth of the calves.” – Leigh Clifford, Gowan Brae, Furner SA. Leigh achieved the same value for his heifers as steers highlighting the ability of the Charolais breed to increase profitability. The crossbred heifers had muscle and growth to burn and achieving price parity with the steer portion of the drop increases the return for the herd.







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