The 9th. Annual Charnelle Female & Genetics  Sale was held in Toowoomba on Saturday 02/03/2019. A very high quality line up of cattle and genetics met with very good competition considering the ongoing very dry conditions in most areas.  The Females sold to buyers in 5 states including WA for the first time. Embryos & Semen also sold into 5 states. The number sold this year was down from last year but the average price was slightly better. Last year 52 sold from 62 offered, this year 49 found new homes from 69 offered. The average price this year was $3398 compared to $3289 last year. Top price this year was the same as last year with the top price of $6500 achieved for Lot 39 a joined red heifer Bauhinia Park Fancy offered by Ryan & Rachel Holzwart, Emerald. (pictured)

Embryos cleared 66 from 101 offered to average $497 each with a top of $800. Achieving the top price was lot 85, Valley View Estella 214 x Silverstream Landis offered by Nigel Spink, selling to Venturon Charolais WA. Also selling for $800 were 2 embryos from the same Donor Cow (Lot107), sired by LT Wyoming Wind offered by Peter Atkinson and selling to Brighton Farms run by Mark & Rose King also from WA. Selling for $750 were 2 embryos from Charnelle Emma E40E (lot 91) offered by Charnelle Charolais and selling to Corry’s Glen Beef, Bundook NSW.

Semen sold well again with 538 units selling from 620 offered to average $55, topping at $700 per unit for Fernvale Trapper offered by Tom & Ann Wilkinson. Three exclusive 10 straw semen packages from the Canadian bull Sparrows Seminole, offered by Ryan & Rachel Holzwart sold to Charnelle Charolais, Wakefield Charolais & Kenmere Charolais for $210 & $200 per straw

Highlights include:

Lot 10 Glenlea Sandy 3 Acc Rod Binny sold to PL Corfield Charters Towers for $6000
Lot 11 Amalikite Caarol (P) Acc Rod Binny sold to Quicksilver Charolais WA. for $6000
Lot 20 Charnelle Katrina 5 (P) Acc G & K Blanch sold to R & R Holzwart Emerald for $5500
Lot 31 Charnelle Julie 3 (R/F) Acc G & K Blanch sold to CCJ’s Charolais Walkaraka for $5250
Lot 39 Bauhinia Park Fancy (P)(R/F) Acc R & R Holzwart sold to T & N Hartwig Monto for $6500
Lot 50 Milford Panache (P)(R/F) Acc Ron Johnstone sold to CCJ’s Charolais Walkaraka for $5500
Lot 60 Glenlea Isabella 3 (P) Acc Rod Binny sold to Cosgrove Taylor Charolais Coolagatta for $5250

Vendor highlights:

Roderick Binny, Glenlea Charolais sold 4 to average $5375
Ryan & Rachel Bauhinia Park sold 3 to average $4416
Graham & Katrina Blanch, Charnelle Charolais sold 19 to average $3257

Volume Buyers: PL Corfield, Charters Towers,  bought 8 for a $3187 average
Tania & Nicole Hartwig, Monto bought 4 heifers for a $3875 average including the top seller lot 39 for $6500
CCJ,s Charolais Wulkaraka, bought 3 heifers for a $5083 average.

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