Winchester Maximus M20E (AI) (P) sold to Springside Farms in Canada to be the sale topper at the 2018 Allflex Charolais National Sale. By Palgrove Jargon (P) from Winchester Net F23E (P), the 20-month-old bull weighed 908 kilograms and measured 131 cm2 in the eye muscle area (EMA) with fat scans of nine millimeters and 7mm in the rump and rib. Maximus topped the sale at $14,000. Six bulls of the nine offered sold for a 67 per cent clearance and $6667 average. One of the passed in bulls sold immediately after the auction concluded. Eleven stud females were sold of the 17 offered to clear 65pc and average $5136. The $800 top price was achieved twice with Moongool Sibyl 13 (P) (R/F) and Elite Panache M43 (P) (R/F) offered by Keddstock Pty Ltd, Yuleba, Queensland, Sibyl 13 and purchased by Darren Crawford, Coolea Charolais, Muttama near Cootamundra. By Temana Golden Loggie G66E (P) from Moongool Sibyl 6, the 21-month-old female placed second in her Showcase class. Kim Groner and Glen Waldron sold Elite Panache M43 (P)(RF) to Western Australians Jm and Belynda Quilty, Elgin Park. CCJ Charolais, Willowbank, Qld, purchased the top-priced embryos in the sale offered by Keddstock Pty Ltd, Yuleba, Qld. They paid $2900 per embryo for two embryos by Silverstream Evolution E168 (P) from DSK My Estelle D34E, who was the dam of the supreme exhibit of the show. Eight embryo lots sold of the 10 offered to average $1310 per embryo.

Semen topped at $200 per straw for two lots of 10 straws of Sparrows Kingston 139Y (P), offered by the Thompson family from Venturon Charolais, WA. This was the first release of semen from the Canadian record high selling bull that sold for $155,000 CAN at auction. All semen lots offered sold to average $76 per straw.

Landmark conducted the auction that was livestreamed on Elite Livestock Auctions.

Winchester Maximus M20 (P) sold to Springside Farms, Canada for $14,000 at the 2018 Allflex Charolais National Sale.

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