The Charolais Society of Australia Board and staff are committed to a safe working environment for all in the community at all times and especially in this Covid19 time frame. It is our goal to provide normal services as best we can. Our office has restricted entry from non-essential visitors and practised staff distancing during the day in the past fortnight. All non-essential travel has been cancelled and teleconferencing facilities used for external meetings. We will maintain the office open for as long as government decisions allow. We are working towards enabling all staff to continue services from home environments and this may require some restricted services.

From Monday 30th March 2020, team members Deearn and Hayley will be working from a home office. Lucy will continue Graphic Design Services from her external location.

If the office is required to close the main telephone contact will become 0408 661 255. However, we request your patience and understanding if sometimes your message needs to go to voicemail and/or it takes us a little longer to respond while we adjust to this new work environment.  We ask that where possible you send any requests via email rather than telephone.  Relevant email addresses are as follows:

All registration and transfer work:

All account enquiries:

All General enquiries:

The has been forwarded to the office email.

We will endeavour to process DNA samples from our home environments however please email prior to sending in the mail. Deearn will give you instructions on how to proceed with your samples.

Stay safe and follow social distancing recommendations, the sooner we all comply the sooner hopefully life returns to normal.

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