Moongool Charolais set a cracking pace with the first ten sires sold averaging $25,250 with a top of $52,500 at their annual sale. The first bull into the ring, the homozygous polled Moongool Poll Phoenix, brought an opening bid of $13,000 and was knocked down to Gavin Scott, Rosetta Grazing at Collinsville for $35,000. Lot 2 Moongool Pilgrim, the European champion of the Sire Shootout hit the high of $52,500 selling to a syndicate of Ascot and Bauhinia Park Charolais with Western Australian semen rights heading to Venturon Charolais. At 23 months, Moongool Pilgrim, also homzygous polled, weighed 984kg, had P8 and rib fat measurements of 10mm and 7mm, an eye muscle area of 154 square centimetres, intramuscular fat of 6.1 per cent, and semen morphology of 80pc.4 Ways Charolais then paid $50,000 for Moongool P327 (P) sired by ANC Kind (P), asire that topped the ANC sale back in 2016. All up 71 bulls offered averaged $14,940 with a total clearance.

Feature Image courtesy of Moongool Charolais

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